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Invoice Finance


Invoice Finance is suited to any size trading business and will immediately improve your cash flow. Invoice Finance is also commonly referred to as Debtor Finance, Cash-Flow Finance, Invoice Discounting, Factoring or Receivables Finance.


Invoice Finance has often been likened to a revolving line of credit secured against your outstanding sales invoices.


At IMS, we offer our customers independent industry leading advice with direct access to all major Banks and Finance Companies throughout Australia and NZ that provide Invoice Financing solutions.


Invoice Finance enables you to draw up to 90% of the value of your unpaid invoices within 24 hours of generating the invoice, with the balance (less fees) becoming available when the invoices have been paid by your customers.


Factoring enables businesses to secure cash-flow against invoices with the financier managing the collection process and administration of the receivables ledger. Generally, the involvement of the Factoring provider is known to the customer. Factoring is normally a fully disclosed financing facility where the financier typically does the debtors collection. Factoring is suited to smaller businesses where in-house operational and administrative capabilities are limited.


Invoice Discounting enables businesses to access the working capital tied up in their invoices whilst retaining responsibility for the collection process and management of the debtor’s ledger. There is a normally no disclosure of the facility to the customer.  Invoice discounting is a confidential facility where the client is typically responsible for their own credit controls and collections. It is suitable for medium to larger businesses.


Benefits of Invoice Finance:

  • Certainty of cash flow is assured.
  • Ability to pay your suppliers earlier and negotiate early payment discounts.
  • Assists with funding the growth of your business
  • Enables you to accept a large order or contract with certainty.
  • Can enable you to replace your Overdraft and in turn get your House released by the Bank

If your business provides goods or services, business to business, on credit terms then Invoice Finance is a real cash flow alternative. IMS would be delighted to help you in this area.