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FIELD REVIEWS (PRE and post settlement)



At IMS, we understand the Australian Business Owner.  We also understand the Australian Financier and the ever-present Credit Risks that come with Current Asset (Balance Sheet) lending.


IMS recognise the environment of lending to SME’s can often be complex and full of heightened risks when reliance by the Financier upon the SME’s Balance Sheet as their primary security exists.  That’s why IMS founded IMS Risk Management Pty Ltd, to specifically serve Australian Banks and Finance Companies with a meaningful and relevant solution to assist with the management of these fluid current asset classes (Trade Debtors and Inventory). 

 The IMS Risk Review is a comprehensive Financier Risk focussed report that is completed at the Financier’s business premises - Once completed it’s returned to the Financier with Risk Related Insights and Recommendations.


With over 90 years experience in assisting SME trading businesses across Australia, IMS are proud of its strong Risk Management reputation of being one of Australia’s leading independently owned specialist advisory firms providing Credit Risk Management on-site field reviews to Australian Banks and Finance Companies.


IMS's Management Team coordinate all Field Reviews and also oversees the reports prior to distribution to the Financiers. 
A suite of operating protocols is developed in conjunction with our client's and agreed as the standard operating procedures, along with the scheduling of reviews and reporting.

IMS has developed a very detailed template along with strict guidelines to ensure our clients receive the most comprehensive periodic field reviews. Alternatively the lenders standard review template can be utilised.

All feedback from both funders & clients on IMS’ involvement in this area has been extremely positive to date.